Small Hobby Breeder of Chinchillas
Standard and Mutation Colors
Located in Southern California


Chinnies.Com got off to a running start when we purchased a small herd of chins from a nearby breeder whose family committments made it necessary for them to give up their chin hobby. The herd contained extremely nice standards, many originating from Bowens (Neubauer) lines and Royal Oaks (Baar) lines, as well as "a little bit of everything" in mutation colors -- mosaics, beiges, ebonies, and TOVs.

Our focus has changed over time, and we are now concentrating on Violets and Sapphires, (but still including whites and ebonies) and working in conjunction with QED Chinchillas, especially with the sapphires. We entered our first home-bred sapphire in competition in April 07, coming home with a 2nd place ribbon and excellent comments about the fur on the exhibition animal.

Over time we've acquired chins of various colors, but violets and sapphires are our first love!

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