Small Hobby Breeder of Chinchillas
Standard and Mutation Colors
Located in Southern California



Warm weather tips for Chin Keeping:

  • The best solution is to keep your chin in an air conditioned location during hot weather.
  • Remove exercise wheels, etc. to prevent your chin from over exerting in warm conditions.
    The higher quality your chin is (and therefore the denser the fur) the more vulnerable he/she is to warmer temperatures.
  • Never place your chinchilla near a window where they will be in direct sunlight, even in a well air conditioned room. Close curtains to help prevent heating of the room.
  • If you need to help your chin stay cool, you can offer several items to help, including: marble slabs or heavy ceramic tiles for resting on. If your bathroom is cooler (and safe - no accessible power cords etc) you might let your chinnie loose in the tub to stay cool on the porcelain surface.
  • Keep a water bottle in the freezer in case of a heat wave or power failure during warm weather. Offer it to your chin so they can snuggle against it to cool off. You can do this with marble or tiles as well.
  • NEVER wet down your chinchilla in an attempt to cool him/her - wet fur will actually lock in body heat and can cause your chin to overheat even more quickly.
  • Move your chin to the coolest point in your home, locations that are closer to the floor and away from windows are cooler (heat rises).
  • Make sure your chin has plenty of cool, fresh water at all times.
  • In an emergency, if you need to cool your chin, you can place him in a small pet carrier in your refrigerator for short periods.
We occasionally have space available to take in chinchillas in the Southern California area.
Surrendered chins must come with their housing, and we ask that you disclose all known medical and behavioral information, to enable us to properly care for and place the chinchilla in a suitable home.


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